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No more cards, Loyalty on your phone.
Card-free Loyalty Programs
  • Earn rewards with a fresh and simple cardless loyalty program that uses a smartphone app instead of a bulky card.
  • So convenient — you always have your phone, so you always have your loyalty cards!
  • Works on all smartphones — iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows.
Easy to use at the counter.
Smartphone App
  • Step up to the cash and flash your smartphone. The clerk scans the Akela app on your phone, and points are awarded and redeemed — just like that.
  • Simple, fast and convenient. It fits your lifestyle perfectly.
Buy and send virtual gift cards.
Give a gift in minutes
  • Send an e-gift card for an Akela merchant of your choice to a family member, a friend, a client…
  • Purchase it over the Web, with the Akela smart phone app, or at the vendor.
One membership with hundreds of loyalty programs.
Akela Community
  • Maximize your rewards and points — shop and sign up for other loyalty programs in your neighborhood through your Akela app.
  • Easy sign-up and sign-in — use your single Akela membership for many, many loyalty programs.
  • No more room in your wallet? No worries. More loyalty programs give you more rewards — but don’t take up any more room with your smartphone.
Get the most out of your rewards and points.
Relevant Email Offers
  • Forget to collect and redeem points with your old-fashioned loyalty cards? That won’t happen with Akela . . .
  • Merchants can send you emails and alerts with special offers so you never miss a deal!
Give the gift of points.
Donate Your Points
  • Give your points to friends, family members, and charities.
One-stop updates and management.
Akela Online Portal
  • You only need one membership number to keep track of all your Akela loyalty programs.
  • Check the points, transactions and offers for all your Akela programs online 24/7.
  • Moving? Email address change? Edit your online profile once and all of your loyalty program programs are up-to-date instantly.
  • Check it out: Akela may be in your neighbourhood!

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