Features & Benefits

Loyalty programs are built on a very simple truth.

Treat your customers right and they will come back

No more cards. Loyalty on your phone.
Card-free Loyalty Programs
  • Profit from a fresh and simple cardless loyalty program that uses a smartphone app instead of bulky card.
  • Make it really convenient — customers always have their phones, so they always have their loyalty cards.
  • Go green and save money on printing of loyalty cards.
Leverage the members and exposure of a merchant loyalty community.
Akela Community
  • Become part of a directory of hundreds of merchants and their loyalty programs.
  • Members can “shop” for other loyalty programs on their Akela app.
  • Drives traffic to your location and memberships for your loyalty program.
  • Easier sign – up and sign — in for customers — they only need one Akela membership for many loyalty programs.
Launch a loyalty program in hours.
Loyalty platform for busy merchants
  • Get a professional customer loyalty program — like the big companies — up and running in less than an hour.
  • Get to know your customers and market to them through email — a much better option than stamp card programs.
  • Avoid confusing online applications — we manage your application for you.
Sell virtual gift cards for your business.
Many ways to do it, each is fast
  • Akela members can buy and send gift cards online.
  • You can sell e-gift cards at your place of business.
  • For Akela members, they’re as good as cash at your establishment.
Get to know your customers.
Customer Intimacy Data
  • Learn important things about your customers from the data we collect when they sign up and at each transaction.
  • Get to know more about who your customers are: names, email addresses, birthdays, home addresses, etc.
  • Get real-time statistics on how often and how much they purchase.
Build one-to-one relationships by email.
Simple Email Marketing Tools
  • Start engaging your customers by email using their information available through your loyalty program, and start getting them back to your store.
  • Remind your customers how much you care by remembering their birthdays, or offering them a special promotion.
  • Send information about your new products and services, events, recent news, or a targeted offer.
  • Brand emails with your company’s logo and information.
Create multiple loyalty programs.
Multiple Loyalty Program Management
  • Tier your customers and reward your VIP customers differently than your casual visitors. They’ll appreciate it.
Advertise and attract new customers.
Scrolling Merchant Ads
  • Advertise your loyalty program on the Akela community. Create interest with members across the entire community and attract them to your loyalty program.
Easy to implement & manage.
Web-based Loyalty Platform
  • All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Web-based “software-as-a-service” model.
  • Works with your existing POS system, as is.
  • Setup, change and manage your loyalty programs from any browser.
  • Allows secure access for different user roles and different levels of user access.
  • Easy dashboards and reports that track customer information, purchases, points, etc.
  • Daily backups. Don’t worry about losing data.
Upload existing database.
Free Database Import Service
  • Get started fast by importing your existing customer database.
  • Use the email marketing tools to invite customers to join your loyalty program.
  • Let us import your customer database free of charge.

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