My Loyal One changes name to Akela

OTTAWA, Canada, August 8, 2013 — My Loyal One is proud to announce that it has officially changed its name to Akela.

The name Akela, which traditionally invokes concepts of leadership and strength of purpose, was specifically chosen to reflect the company’s strong focus on being a groundbreaker in paperless loyalty technology. “This name change is about more than a simple rebranding – it goes to the heart of what we want to achieve as a company,” comments Jaideep Lal, Akela President. “It is symbolic of our inherent commitment to ‘lead the pack’ in providing the smartest and most innovative loyalty program solutions for merchants and consumers alike.”

The transition to the new name, including a new website ( and rebranded loyalty applications, is effective immediately. Existing members of the Akela loyalty network will soon be prompted to update their smartphone app with the new name, but otherwise their accounts will not be affected by the name change.

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