Akela introduces new loyalty platform features

Akela is rolling out several new features for the latest version of our loyalty program platform. The new feature set increases the value of Akela as a loyalty management solution and makes it even easier for smartphone users to enjoy the full benefits of Akela membership.

For Akela merchants, the following additional management features are now available:

Premium Subscription-Only Features

Akela now offers premium loyalty features that merchants can utilize on a subscription basis. Merchants can now subscribe to the Mass Email Campaigns feature (see the next point below). Additional premium features will be released in the near future.

Mass Email Campaigns (Premium Feature)

Send out automated mass emails to your loyalty program members. You can create your own mass email campaigns in which custom emails are automatically sent to targeted groups of members at scheduled intervals. Your members have the ability to opt out of mass emails, thus ensuring that your emails only go to those members who are interested in receiving them. The mass emailing feature is perfect for marketing, allowing you to set up mass email campaigns for advertising, promotions, newsletters, announcements, etc.

Visualize Your Membership Data

At the click of a button, you can visualize membership report data on a Google map. Based on the geographic information associated with each member account, you can view the locations of different members at a glance, which helps to focus your business insights and improve market analysis.

For Akela members, the following smartphone app enhancements are now available:

Edit Account Details from Smartphone App

You can now edit your Akela membership account details and change your password directly from your smartphone.

QR Code Support

The Akela Smartphone app now displays your Akela membership account number as a QR code (as well as a regular bar code).

“At Akela, we’re constantly striving to enhance the online experience for merchants and consumers alike,” comments Jaideep Lal, Akela President.

“These latest features provide increased flexibility and value for our users, and they can expect even more in the near future.”

About Akela

Akela Inc. is an Ottawa-based software company specializing in digital loyalty program solutions. The Akela system revolutionizes the concept of retail loyalty program management by replacing those traditional plastic loyalty cards with a multi-vendor, smartphone-based e-card system. Any consumer can sign up as an Akela member by downloading and registering the free Akela smartphone app, which displays a high-resolution, scannable barcode directly on the user’s smartphone screen. Instantly, the user replaces his scattered collection of traditional plastic loyalty cards with a single loyalty “e-card,” valid for use across all retailers and merchants participating in the Akela network. With Akela, all of the consumer’s subscriptions to different retail loyalty programs are tracked and managed using a single convenient smartphone app that features a unique loyalty ID. Akela makes it easy for any user to collect loyalty points and rewards from multiple retailers while reducing the plastic card count.

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