Akela App now available in French on iPhone

Akela is pleased to announce that its free Akela Smartphone app is now available in French on the Apple iPhone device. The company is also preparing to release the French version of its Akela app on the Windows Phone device; an official announcement of this will be made soon.

This latest version of the Akela app has built-in support for the French language. If the language setting of your phone is set to French, then the app automatically displays in French.

“As the excitement about Akela continues to grow, we’ve been getting repeated requests for additional language support, particularly from the many French-speaking consumers in Canada,” said Jaideep Lal, Akela President. “So we’re happy to introduce this French-language version of our smartphone app, which brings the benefits of Akela to a broader national audience.”

About Akela

Akela Inc. is an Ottawa-based software company specializing in digital loyalty program solutions. The Akela system revolutionizes the concept of retail loyalty program management by replacing those traditional plastic loyalty cards with a multi-vendor, smartphone-based e-card system. Any consumer can sign up as an Akela member by downloading and registering the free Akela Smartphone app, which displays a high-resolution, scannable barcode directly on the user’s smartphone screen. Instantly, you replace your scattered collection of traditional plastic loyalty cards with a unique Akela barcode, which is valid for use across all retailers and merchants participating in the Akela network. With Akela, you don’t need to scroll through your phone to find the right store – the same barcode works with all participating Akela stores. Akela makes it easy to collect loyalty points and rewards from multiple retailers, right from your phone.

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Email: info@goakela.com
Website: www.goakela.com

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