Akela joins Invest Ottawa as a portfolio company

Akela is pleased to announce its status as a portfolio company with Invest Ottawa (www.investottawa.ca), the leading economic development organization for the City of Ottawa.

Invest Ottawa is a not-for-profit organization committed to advancing Ottawa’s globally competitive, knowledge-based institutions and industries. As such, it delivers programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in Ottawa and the surrounding region. Client companies that are part of the Invest Ottawa portfolio can receive expert assistance on how to grow their business and connect or expand within their sector. Ultimately, the goal of Invest Ottawa is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a knowledge-based business.

“Akela is excited to join Invest Ottawa’s portfolio of growing businesses,” comments Jaideep Lal, Akela President. “As a member of the thriving entrepreneurial community nurtured by Invest Ottawa, we’ll continue to play an active role in the creation of a sustainable, innovative environment in which all Ottawa-based companies can grow, become profitable and compete at the global level.”

About Akela

Akela Inc. is an Ottawa-based software company specializing in digital loyalty program solutions. The Akela system revolutionizes the concept of retail loyalty program management by replacing those traditional plastic loyalty cards with a multi-vendor, smartphone-based e-card system. Any consumer can sign up as a Akela member by downloading and registering the free Akela Smartphone app, which displays a high-resolution, scannable barcode directly on the user’s smartphone screen. Instantly, you replace your scattered collection of traditional plastic loyalty cards with a unique Akela barcode, which is valid for use across all retailers and merchants participating in the Akela network. With Akela, you don’t need to scroll through your phone to find the right store – the same barcode works with all participating Akela stores. Akela makes it easy to collect loyalty points and rewards from multiple retailers, right from your phone.

Tel: (613) 830-4049
Email: info@goakela.com
Website: www.goakela.com

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